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Forum rules
« on: April 04, 2008, 21:46 » forum rules

1. Political and religious writing,  political and religious propaganda,  religious messages, writing with swearword contrary to general morals, slang writings, insult writings can not be written at this forum.

2. We are all respect to national precisions which are related to governmental. Members must pay attention to this

3. Forum participants must check if the subject exist or not in the Forum before opening a new thread. For this, searching feature of forum can be used

4. Administrators can not manage every message. Please inform administrators who responsible for that section if you meet an improper or message before the administrators.

5. To use capital letters when writing a message means shouting. For this reason do certainly not use capital letters.

6. Title of the thread must be selected to explain the subject  and the threads must be written under relevant sections.

7. To select immoral user name, to write  political signature, to use political symbol or avatar to advert  is forbidden.

8. Memberships of the members may be cancelled when members do not use the Forum for six (3 months).

9. To send irregular mails and messages to the forum and session administrators is absolutely forbidden.

10. If administrators decide that the post is not relevant to the subject, they can transfer it to the relevant part or delete. To delete or to answer the objection posts is under the authority of administrator. In addition, new threads which have continuity or the same content of the thread closed by warning can not be opened.

11. Forum administration forbid to enter the Forum and delete all messages of user who use more than one nickname and tell opinions to the same subject as if he was another person.
Furthermore, if same user applies with more than one e-mail addresses and writes with different names, the user will be banned and all posts related to him/her will be deleted...

12. This Forum was founded with voluntary and amateur participation. It is required that, forum can not be used except for the aim.

13. Forum administrators are not responsible for continual informing about rules and running of the forum. Participants must read and obey these rules.

14. Participants, who do not obey the rules, can not write to the Forum. Their participations may be hinder without warning.

15. Please note that with each post, your IP address is recorded, in the event that you need to be banned from this forum or your ISP contacted. This will only happen in the event of a major violation of this agreement.

16. Official language of this forum are turkish and bulgarian . International language English can be used, too. Other languages can be used with admin permission.
17. Personal discussion threads will be closed immediately! It is requested not to send mail or PM about the threads closed.Members can not publish Private Mails or Message in Forum.

18. To advertise other forum sites in order to collect members for them is forbidden. The membership of the members is cancelled when members do not obey this rule!

19.  Forum Administrators have the rights for reading and publishing inconvenienced  PMs if a warning happens.

20. Member must write a warning note if the information written in the forum or link files include risky files for users or for the equipment!!!

21. At any section, to put picture, writing, quotation i.e. in order to humiliate persons, institutions, foundations or government is absolutely forbidden!! In such cases we have right to delete the member from the forum without warning.



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