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  1. Bulgar-Bulgarians
  2. Cumans and tatars
  3. Beçen-Besenyo-Badjanak-Patzinaks
  4. Ethnic entity of Turkey and the population
  5. Greek Muslims who converted from christianity
  6. Pomaks - History of the Slavic people of the Muslim faith
  7. Islamization of the Macedonians
  8. Religious and national identity among balkan muslims
  9. Les origines des Pomaks de Lofça (in French)- Kemal Gözler
  10. Islamization of rhodopes
  11. In the lands of orpheus
  12. Bulgar mountains in Turkey
  13. Alexander's Agrianian Peltasts
  14. History of preislamization and islamization in bosnia and herzegovina
  15. Bulgaria - Past, Present, and Multiethnic Future
  16. Pomaks - kemal gözler