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Title: In the lands of orpheus
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http://books.google.com/books?id=jLVmVMhH9mkC&pg=PA302&dq=Rodopski+napreduk&ei=pnY2SqurEpHIyATLqMTvBQ&hl=tr#PPP1,M1 (http://books.google.com/books?id=jLVmVMhH9mkC&pg=PA302&dq=Rodopski+napreduk&ei=pnY2SqurEpHIyATLqMTvBQ&hl=tr#PPP1,M1)


In the Land of Orpheus provides a rich ethnographic description of village life and conservation efforts in an ecologically important region of one of the most biologically diverse countries in Europe. Barbara Cellarius describes natural resource use and economic survival strategies in a rural Rhodope Mountain village and the ways in which the lives of residents of a rural community are affected by outside forces, particularly the economic and political uncertainties that have plagued Bulgaria since the collapse of communism.  She examines larger forces, including environmental nongovernmental organizations, interested in linking global conservation priorities with local communities.

In the land of Orpheus: rural livelihoods and nature conservation in postsocialist Bulgaria
Barbara A. Cellarius
Univ of Wisconsin Press, 2004
ISBN 0299201503, 9780299201500