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  1. Reconnecting Cultures in the Balkans
  3. Ziauddin Sardar - The Erasure of Islam
  4. Islamization process in stanimaka "Asenovgrad"
  5. Bulgarian for english speakers
  6. Slavs
  7. Tracks of communism from Bulgaria - Baby victim of violence - Turkan
  8. TURKISH POMAKS - Pomak weaving
  9. Sufizm in rhodopes (Bektashis, Alevis)
  10. Bulgarian Muslims from the Chech region
  11. Visual Ethnography Among the Balkan Pomak
  12. Muslims in the european union
  13. Official population count reveals; Pomaks in Bulgaria 1989
  14. Identity formation among the Pomaks in Bulgaria, Greece And Turkey
  15. Why bulgar hates both greek and turk
  16. The History and Territorial Evolution of the Christianity - Balkans
  17. Nationality in the Balkans
  18. UN Minorities Rights Report on Greece 2008
  19. Identity Shift - by Kristen Ghodsee
  20. When Men Were Men
  21. The Economic History of Byzantium
  22. Full text of Mlogo dumish mlogo plachesh (documentary)