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Title: Dolu diktator Belarus.
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Diktatura in Belarus. Michail Vashkevich-Bulgaria; www.ksdnb1.narod.ru , pisatel@tut.by . Bulgaria-Exiled Belarus Dissident Mikhail Vashkevich: Lukashenko's Dictatorship Can't Survive without Kremlin's Support; http://www.novinite.com/articles/124052/Bulgaria-Exiled+Belarus+Dissident+Mikhail+Vashkevich%3A+Lukashenko%27s+Dictatorship+Can%27t+Survive+without+Kremlin%27s+Support . Mikhail Vashkevich, a Belarusian dissident and journalist living in exile in Bulgaria since 1996 when he fled the repressions of the Lukashenko regime. Interview with Mikhail Vashkevich, a Belarusian journalist and dissident living in Bulgaria as a political immigrant since 1996 having fled the Lukashenko regime, and Boris Tashkov, chair of the Sofia-based Bulgarian Committee for Free, Democratic, and Independent Belarus. Vashkevich has a history of political prosecution by the Soviet authorities having spent a total of four years in a Gulag camp in in the former USSR. On December 19. 2015, Belarus's incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko won a fourth term in presidential elections that were widely criticized for fraud and vote-rigging. You two are the major figures in the Sofia-based Committee for Free, Democratic, and Independent Belarus. How did such an NGO even come into being in Bulgaria? Welcome to Bulgaria.