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Relation between Czechs and Chech region ?

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Is there any relation between Czechs and the Chech region in the Rhodopes?

The Czechs come from a forefather Čech....
Slavic tribe of Czechs ("Čech", pl. "Češi"

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The Czechs are descended from ancient Slavic tribes, with significant Celtic and Germanic admixtures. The Slavic tribes have inhabited the regions of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia since the 6th century. According to a popular myth, the Czechs come from a certain Forefather Čech who settled at Říp Mountain. In 880

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The name "čeština", Czech, is derived from a Slavic tribe of Czechs ("Čech", pl. "Češi") that inhabited Central Bohemia and united neighbouring Slavic tribes under the reign of the Přemyslid dynasty ("Přemyslovci"). According to a legend, it is derived from the Forefather Čech, who brought the tribe of Czechs into its land.

Нещо не мога да схвана каква е идеята ти?! Логиката ти е нещо като каква е връзката между камилата и октопода  ;D ;D ;D

I didn’t open this issue for humor. If it does not address for you please do not intervene. Do not look for different ideas under this topic. In addition the subject is in english, please respect the forum rules.

Ago Mustafa, the pronunciation of of the name of the people in Czech republic is ЧЕХ and the region in Bulgaria and Greece is ЧЕЧ. The name of the region in Bulgaria and Greece is much more similar to the name of the Caucasian republic of Chechenia ;)

Thank you for your participation. I have no any prejudices in this regard.
 in the above quotation, the name of the founding father's of Czechs is the same as the Cechs of Rhodopes.
I wonder if there is interest. I wanted to debate.


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